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Air Conditioning

Our Technicians are trained and certified to work with your vehicles Air Conditioning System in accordance to European Regulation (EC) 307/2008.

The above regulation first came into effect in July 2007 and in July 2010 the Motor Industry felt its full force, deeming it illegal for any Mobile Air Conditioning technician to operate without a minimum requirement in refrigerant handling, so you can be confident that your vehicle is being worked on safely and legally.

It is recommended that your Air Conditioning System be serviced every two years in order to minimise the potential of issues arising. Did you also know that it is good practice to have your Air Conditioning running throughout the year and not just through the summer? Some of the benefits of continuous use include:

  • Clears misted windscreens quicker
  • Assists in dehumidifying the interior of your vehicle
  • Minimises risk in shrinkage of seals in your system
  • Minimises risk in seizure and breakdown of mechanical components such as the compressor

Usually your Air Conditioning requires servicing due to normal loss of refrigerant over a period of time, sometimes it is possible that a leak has occurred within your system, causing it to no longer work at full capacity or to stop working completely. If this is the case and we suspect there is a leak, we will first test the system using a Nitrogen Pressure Kit, as it is illegal to knowingly release refrigerant into the atmosphere. At this point we can determine whether it requires a re-gas only or a component of your system needs repairing.

Regardless of the work we do on your Air Conditioning System, we will always add to the refrigerant; UV dye, this helps us to find the source of any leaks that may occur in the future and lubricant, which helps keep your system running smoothly.

Our Air Conditioning Service starts from £40 + vat for a system up to 500 grams, anything beyond that adds an extra £2 + vat per 100 grams to cover the costs of the extra materials required.