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Bushes & Chassis Prep

Imprecise handling, uneven tyre wear and braking instability are often common problems associated with soft, ageing or failing rubber compound suspension bushes. Bushes made from polyurethane and stainless steel components can offer a cure for this, not just for a few years but for a lifetime. The special type of polyurethane used is an advanced material that has unique properties and has the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with exceptionally long life.

As well as replacing your old and tired bushes, we also offer a Chassis Prep service. Whilst your vehicle is in our workshop being fitted with new bushes, more often than not parts such as wishbones and anti roll bars are removed. Once off the car they can be prepped for powder coating and freshened up using a range of colours that you can choose from. You will need to leave the car with us for 7 working days in order for us to complete this service.

For our current price lists, please call or email us using the details on our contact page.