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Split Rim FAQs

Can you make my wheels look brand new?

Our finish is only as good as the product we have been given to work with in the first place. We work to a process which requires us to meet all reasonable preparation work before the wheel is refurbished. Most wheels will come out looking fresh and as new but if corrosion has taken hold or they haven’t been cared for correctly then an as new look is very difficult to achieve. Depending on the purpose of your wheels, daily use or show use, there is an option available which involves extra preparation work to achieve the absolute best finish possible. This service is costed at an extra £50 + vat per wheel on top of standard costs.

So does this mean that you don’t care as much about the finish on the standard refurbishment because I’m not paying as much?

Not at all! We treat every set of wheels that come through the door with the same care and attention no matter what the price and we always ensure that our work is carried out to a high quality. The difference between our standard refurbishment and the “show” refurbishment is the time spent between each stage which isn’t classed as reasonable preparation. Most wheels benefit from a refurbishment using only standard processes and don’t need all that extra work. However if you want the wheels to be thoroughly inspected and prepared between each stage to maximise the chances of a “like new” finish, then the cost of our time spent doing this needs to be met.

Will you apply a lacquer to my dishes once you have polished them?

We believe that applying a lacquer to a polished finish is poor practice. We can say with certainty that within a year you will experience a milky effect on the finish and because of this we will not apply it. The slightest chip on the polished finish can break the lacquer thus allowing corrosion to set in. Polished dishes do require a lot of maintenance and careful looking after, if your wheels are for daily use or you prefer not to give them a rinse too regularly then a Chrome Powdercoat or a Stainless Steel dish is an excellent alternative.

Will you paint/polish my centre caps?

If your centre caps are metal then yes we can. If they are plastic, then it is not possible at this time, they will require wet painting, for which we do not have the facilities.

Can you supply new components for my wheels?

We certainly can! We can supply dishes, basket sections, bolts, nuts and valves. We do recommend that bolts and valves at least are replaced as good practice, especially if they are getting old and corrosion has taken hold, plus its always nice to see shiny new bolts in your freshly refurbished wheels! However this is only our advice and you have the last say, we do however reserve the right to refuse to reassemble anything we deem dangerous or unusable.

Can you repair dents, buckles, kerbing, flat spots, chips and cracks etc?

In the majority of cases we need to be able to see the wheels firsthand to assess the damage, however so long as the damage doesn’t impair the structual soundness of the wheel then its usually repairable.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes we do! All our seals come with a no quibble 12 month warranty. About the only thing that will make your warranty void is if a third party damages the seal and it will be apparent if this is the case. The only thing we request that you do is contact us as soon as you believe your wheel is leaking. We will need you to bring the wheel back to us so that we can inspect and if necessary, repair or rebuild the wheel for you.

The powdercoating is covered by a 12 month guarantee from our refurbisher’s, but please ensure you look after your wheels properly, we have an information sheet you can request which will help you to do this if you’re unsure.

There is no warranty on the polished finish as we are working with and exposing bare metal. You will need to ensure you keep up the maintenance to keep it looking good, please be aware that this finish is one that requires time and effort. When polishing we will always get the best finish we can for you at the quoted price, if we feel more preparation is necessary we will inform you as soon as we can and advise on potential cost.

How do I check if I suspect I have a leak?

There are various methods from leak detector sprays to a soapy water solution. We feel the best way is to totally submerge the wheel in water and watch for air bubbles. The places your wheels can leak from are; split rim bolts, valves or tyre bead (the edge of the tyre). The first is covered by our warranty, the second is covered if we supply your valves and the last one is due to wear and tear on the tyre, this would not be covered by our warranty.