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Split Rim Refurbishment

Specialising in the Refurbishment, Rebuilding and Customising of Three Piece Split Rims, we can offer you a refurbishing service most wheel refurbishers will shy away from due to the labour intensive nature.

After discussing options with you and confirming the finish you desire we can then start the refurbishment process. Finishes include powdercoated, diamond cut and polished. All wheels requiring a colour are finished using Powdercoat and then lacquered as this is the strongest, most cost effective finish that can be applied to your wheels.

Firstly, if the wheels have tyres they will be removed before the wheels are split down. Once split down the seperate components are chemically stripped to remove the current finish. The chemical used is designed specifically for stripping alloy wheels.

At this stage any necessary prep work is carried out. Depending on the amount of damage, it may not be possible nor cost effective to repair the wheel, if this is the case you will be informed. Usually we can tell on the first inspection whether or not repairs are possible.

Dependent on your requirements, the seperate components are then applied with the finish dicussed prior to the work being carried out.

Once your wheels have been refurbished, they will then be rebuilt using our durable, tried and tested sealant. Your wheels will then be left overnight to ensure the sealent cures properly. Our guarantee on the seals is 12 months, but you’ll be pleased to know they last much longer and we haven’t had a leaky set back yet!

After final quality checks your tyres will be refitted and your wheels balanced. At this stage your wheels will be ready for collection and for fitting to your car.


Split & Rebuild: POA
Powdercoated Centres: POA
Polished Dishes: POA
Powdercoated Rear Barrel Sections: POA

All prices are for a set of four wheels, a quote can be given over the phone or by email but no quote will be final until the wheels have been inspected firsthand. Please use the details on our contacts page to obtain your quote.